I would not say I am a huge knowledgeable person about cinema but I do love going to the cinema.

This afternoon, I am going to watch Savage Grace at the Watershed.

Today’s price is £3.50, compared to the normal price of £4.00

So I am saving 50p by going to watch the film on Sunday.

50p does not seem like much but I think judging by how many times I go the cinema (at least once a month), the costs do mount up!

I am definitely trying to cut down on entertainment. I have not been to a club in weeks, like I have mentioned before I do not drink alcohol or smoke and I rarely eat out (though I did last night!). Anyways, cinema is something which I will hopefully phase out by going to cheaper viewings like Sunday matinees.

Just see the price difference:

Option 1: If I went to see Hancock at the Odeon in town on Monday at 3.30pm, it would cost £6.40 for an adult ticket

Option 2: Watershed on Sunday for films before 4pm like I said = £3.50.

The difference between the prices is insane.

Any cinephiles out there? How do you justify things if you are tightening your belts?